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  • We understand how vitally important it is to introduce carers who are suitable for each client’s needs.
  • We listen carefully to what our clients say to find out exactly what is required and to balance responsibilities between the carer and the client.
  • We Visit, if at all possible, before we introduce your first carer.
  • Our carers fulfil all the legal requirements and are carefully interviewed and referenced. They understand the importance of respect and privacy, modesty, dignity, choice, independence and self-determination.
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CaringCaring For You

As we age, everyday chores and activities become increasingly difficult. Our carers will undertake household tasks and can also help with personal hygiene and healthcare.

Our experience tells us that every household has different routines and every client has their own individual needs. 

How do you like to spend the day? Do you want someone to sit with you, or accompany you on walks or visits? Or do you see your carer as on stand-by until a task needs doing? Do you need someone to drive you in your car?

Whether it is round-the-clock reassurance; the peace of mind of knowing that someone is on-hand should they be needed, or for companionship and social activities and outings, Red Sails will tailor a solution to suit you and your loved ones.

Our carers can assist with personal care - dressing/undressing, washing, showering, bathing, oral care, hair care, shaving, continence care and assistance with toileting.

They can take on or assist with general housework, shopping, cooking, laundry and help with the care of family pets.

So whether you need support in the house, such as shopping and cooking meals, housework and laundry, walking the dog or driving the car, or maybe you need some personal help as well, our reliable and carefully screened carers will fit in. No problem. Red Sails has caring and capable carers for long or short term live in care in your own home.

Do call us. We will listen and can advise