Contact us on 01202 805 345 or 0783 5295 553

  • We understand how vitally important it is to introduce carers who are suitable for each client’s needs.
  • We listen carefully to what our clients say to find out exactly what is required and to balance responsibilities between the carer and the client.
  • We Visit, if at all possible, before we introduce your first carer.
  • Our carers fulfil all the legal requirements and are carefully interviewed and referenced. They understand the importance of respect and privacy, modesty, dignity, choice, independence and self-determination.
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How does it work?

Please phone us – we will listen carefully to your needs before we give you an outline of what it will cost and how quickly we can start.

We will then send you all the necessary registration forms and other information including our free booklet ‘Maintaining your Independent lifestyle at Home’.

Once you have returned the registration form, we will arrange a time to meet you and get the fullest possible picture of your wishes and needs, which will also enable us to give you a more accurate cost.

If you decide to go ahead, there are a few necessary formalities, but in principle we select a suitable carer for you and she will come to you at the agreed time.

All the details of what your carer can to do when working for you are set out in our booklet ‘Maintaining Your Independent Lifestyle at Home’.