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  • We understand how vitally important it is to introduce carers who are suitable for each client’s needs.
  • We listen carefully to what our clients say to find out exactly what is required and to balance responsibilities between the carer and the client.
  • We Visit, if at all possible, before we introduce your first carer.
  • Our carers fulfil all the legal requirements and are carefully interviewed and referenced. They understand the importance of respect and privacy, modesty, dignity, choice, independence and self-determination.
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Enjoying LifeLong term care

Many clients need someone who will stay in the house almost all the time so that they can live at home independently and safely. You may need someone as a housekeeper and good companion offering reassurance and comfort. Perhaps you need a fuller range of support.

For the long term, if this is your wish, Red Sails will aim for continuity of care by establishing a small team of compatible carers of your choice who will return to you on a regular basis.