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  • We understand how vitally important it is to introduce carers who are suitable for each client’s needs.
  • We listen carefully to what our clients say to find out exactly what is required and to balance responsibilities between the carer and the client.
  • We Visit, if at all possible, before we introduce your first carer.
  • Our carers fulfil all the legal requirements and are carefully interviewed and referenced. They understand the importance of respect and privacy, modesty, dignity, choice, independence and self-determination.
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About Red Sails

Red Sails is a specialist provider of full time, live-in carers. This is our sole focus, so we don't get distracted with other issues. Our clients are able to maintain their independence through the introduction of carers who can live with them in their own home. Our carers offer support for both household duties and personal care.

Personalised Service

Privately owned with a small dedicated team, we have the time to offer a personalised service to clients and carers alike, aiming for a high level of compatibility and satisfaction which leads to peace of mind.

For as long as you need us

We will support clients for as long as they wish and assist, where requested, in helping them to achieve and maintain an optimum quality of life. It's about looking at what's important in your life, not just your care.

Helping you make the right choice

We know that it can be difficult deciding the next step in life, and that's why we encourage phone calls so that you can have the benefit of our years of experience. Whether the final decision is for live-in care or a different choice, we are happy to know that we may have helped in that decision process.

Red Sails is based in Bournemouth and operates mostly in Dorset and Hampshire but we can provide service further afield.

Supporting our carers

As well as our personalised service to clients we offer full support to our carers, through access to on-going training and by maintaining an open door communication policy.